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Ryan Quinn and the Rebel's Escape

Ryan Quinn Advenures - Book 1

     Ryan Quinn hopes his traveling days are over.  The son of a United Nations worker, he's grown up in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa - everywhere but home.  He's finally settled at a great school in New York and is making friends when his world is turned upside down.

     Ryan is blindsided as his mother is abducted and his father disappears.  Left with nothing but questions, he soon discovers his parents have been leading a double life.  They actually work with the Emergency Rescue Committee, an underground organization that has performed dangerous rescue missions since World War II, and they've been secretly training Ryan to follow in their footsteps.

     With his parents' lives in the balance, Ryan dives into a mission of international intrigue that sends him around the globe.  To survive, he must trust his training and perform his own daring rescue mission in a thrilling race for freedom.




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